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Ryan Matthews

Racing Start:  Warren Townes convinced me to go to USLA Nationals in 99'. I was hooked to lifesaving after that. Through lifesaving I found an interest in Jaime Mitchel and Shannon Eckstien, the most dominant athletes on the planet IMO. I've been involved in ocean racing ever since. Thanks Warren!


Training: Whenever I have time outside of time with Kelley and Rheid. This summer Kelley was more than cool about letting me continue some type of training. I didn't get all the time in the water that I think I need to be at the top of my game, but I appreciate every minute I'm out there now. A lot more quality work instead of garbage yardage (which you should still get in), but I feel I was paddling faster this summer than ever. I always do intervals though, probably due to my swimming background, but always watching my watch. I also like to wait for the wind to get over 18 knots if thats in the forecast. Always more fun in wind.


Favorite Moment: Most memorable has to be my first SEA win. People were asking me how I thought I was going to do, and I told them all I was going to win, and apparently they all thought I was full of shit. But I won and beat Rob Rojas to do it and he's a bad ass. My favorite however was winning the Cape to Cape this past summer (2015) and having my new born son and wife at the finish line.


Equipment: Tons of surf craft from Chris Chaize and Charles Mencel. JM 10'6" race mal, Bark UL prone catalina. Looking for a new ski this winter.


Achievements: I am the 4 time defending SEA NYC champ, and I hope to keep that going. Cape to Cape inaugural champ. 3 time national USLA winner, and I came in 3rd in overall points in 2012. In 2009 I represented the US National team in Durban at the ISRC. I went head to head against Holmes, Eckstien, Smith, and Doughty. All of those guys are who I look to for inspiration and they kicked my ass.


Extra Extra: I try to only enter races that are fundraisers. I think everyone should do something for someone else and if i can do something I love and help others in the process it's a win win.

Profession: Currently bartending at The Belmonte in Red Bank


Family: I am married to Kelley who is my ultimate supporter and first sponsor. She suprised me by purchasing my Bark UL after I won my first SEA race. We have a 5 month old son Rheid and two dogs Mowgli and Ina. Rheid was born on June 15 and has really put life in a new perspective for me.


NYSea Paddle 2015
NYSea Paddle 2014 Finish
NYSea Paddle 2013
NYSea Paddle 2013 Finish
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