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New Steller SEL 2G Unlimited Ski

This week I was fortunate to pick up my new Stellar SEL 2g unlimited surf ski. I have many thanks for the crew at Stellar kayaks and I am very appreciative of Dave, Ed, Deb, and Wes for their efforts in getting me this wonderful surf craft. I have raced a few years now on the original SEL in the carbon layup with good results. I was excited to test out some of the new modifications. Stellar makes very fast and very stable boats.

The new SEL has the rudder moved forward and the original bucket size decreased. It has a narrower catch and a rounded bucket. The bucket is one of the most comfortable ones on the market and its rounded shape enhances leg drive. The ski is sleeker than its predecessor but loses none of the stability. The ski has a wonderful glide, accelerates easily on runs, and moves very nicely on the water.

I have gotten it wet four times and have been very pleased with the results. The construction is top notch and the modifications make for one fast ride. Wesley Echols of Stellar kayaks has a wonderful surf ski review chart. Paddling and racing on the new SEL, he is quite comfortable after testing numerous skis over 12 years to claim his search over! This is how much he loves the new SEL. Thus far, I must say I agree as the ergonomics are dialed in! Thumbs up to Dave Thomas on a terrifically modified and redesigned Surf ski.

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