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Cold War Surf Contest

I have recently been lucky enough to be invited to surf in the Cold War Surf contest as a local wild card to represent Asbury Park. I use the term local wild card because the 15 other guys invited are true professional surfers. Their skills standing on a surfboard are far above mine in technical surfing, however I am not one to lay down and let someone beat me easily. Hopefully the mud hole delivers and I can use my water skills to be in better position and find two good big barrels.

The rules are as follows: 16 surfers, 8 per team chosen by captains. Whomever picks second in the "draft" chooses who surfs who, each pairing getting 30 minutes at the mud hole to find 2 good scoring waves. The team with the most skins takes the cash.

In big hollow surf the playing field is leveled and the surfer that has the best position can win. Heres to hoping to big hollow classic Mud Hole!


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